"How do you feel?"
"Like I'm gonna fail a drug test"

Veronica Lynne. Maker of gifs. Baker of delicious vegan treats. Lover of hockey (dudes).

tyler “i didn’t expect this ice to be cold" seguin

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09 Aug 2014
07 Aug 2014

Today is my first day off in 9 days. I feel like death.

05 Aug 2014

I feel overworked and underpaid

18 Jul 2014
crackpoutine ASKED
Happy birthday!

Thank you!

10 Jul 2014
windysteelcitygirl ASKED
Happy Birthday to my follow Kuni and Penguins fan!

Thank you!

1 month ago
jordaanstaal ASKED
Ahhhh OMG Happy birthday bb! I hope it's as amazing as you are!

Thanks, Josie!

1 month ago
derpyjeffcarter ASKED
ohhhh i didnt know it was your bday!!1 (i try to remember them from year to year, but it's hard) I HOPE YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY!!!!

It’s okay…I didn’t really tell anybody this year haha. Thanks!!

1 month ago
fourblackhawkfeathers ASKED
HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERO!!! i hope it's amazing and wonderful, beautiful because you deserve it!

1 month ago

Can I Have Him For My Birthday?- Tyler Seguin

09 Jul 2014

Can I Have Him For My Birthday? - Sidney Crosby

1 month ago

❁ meet the blogger ❁

name: veronica lynne
nickname: vero, rah rah, v
favourite flower: veronica (it’s pretty and has religious significance)
favourite fruit: mango
favourite ice-cream flavor: mango or blackberry acai sorbet
favourite past time: baking, shopping, hanging out with my dog
how do you take your coffee/tea: hot coffee - black; iced coffee - no cream, two pumps hazelnut; hot tea - agave and lemon; iced tea - lemonade, 1-2 pumps sweetener
zodiac sign: cancer
your catchphrase: “go for veronica”…I communicate frequently on a walkie talkie

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1 month ago
02 Jul 2014
1 month ago


I just need a tall, scruffy guy with lots of tattoos and I’m willing to sell my soul for one

01 Jul 2014